The High Road through Portland – The Jupiter Hotel

Portland’s pretty cool. Perhaps a little too cool. But hidden behind smirking mustachioed baristas and the extremely laid back PNW vibe, is a delicious world of creature comforts and epicurean delights.

The Jupiter Hotel is literally the only home you need in the best part of E. Burnside. Walking down the motel designed communal layout, you’re burdened with a handful of options before even leaving the premise.

The Douglas Fir appears to be a wilderness lodge serving warm winter drinks and elevated bar food, but on closer inspection, contains an underground venue called the Douglas Fir Lounge which totes shows by the likes of The Cool Kids (Dec. 29th, 2016) and Bowie Vision, a David Bowie cover band.

On street level, downtown Portland takes the feel of a peaceful mountain village, winding almost European in a way as city streets blend the corporate and independent shops. The weekend hosts the Saturday Market, a few block street fair of local artisans and outdoor crafts.

Portlands food scene is obviously the main attraction. From cheap little ethnic gems to elevated farm-to-table che che spots, and of course tons of munchies. I had to end the night was a late night trip to Voodoo Donut, smuggling home a thick bacon topped maple bar. Divine!

Jupiter Hotel – Affordable, cool in the heart of Portlands best neighborhood.

Sweedeedee– Farm to table bakery dine in concept with strong brew and egg sandwiches.

Douglas Fir Lounge – Casual, upscale diner/lounge with basement venue and outdoor fireplace.

Nong’s Khao Man Gai – Super legit thai street staples in quirky cave w/ hocker decor.

Voodoo Donuts – Devilish donut treats from an iconic North West brand.




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