Confronting Comfort: The Eternal Sacrifice

We have always drawn the spiritual line between our selves; the part of us that society has molded and the real truth of the universe; the part that is what we really are. This is a very fine line which has started religious wars, created a conflicted belief of faith in humanity and is why it often feels like we are behind enemy lines in our day to day lives. Inside all of us is a knowing, the feeling that our material world is not the truth that our senses and security-seeking minds convince us, and outside the boxes we create, something greater resides which is the summation of eternal joy, our connection to everything in the universe and our true nature. Many groups have committed soul and body to this quest for truth, spawning a dogmatic separation that seems to contradict the underlying unity which all factions of religion and spirituality are direly seeking to label and deduce.

Staying in a warm cabin at the base of the High Tatras Mountain range in Slovakia, watching “The Goonies” and drinking hot coffee with newly-minted friends, I started to see this separation between the self and the divine, after doing much soul searching days prior in the solitude of the wet, open road and the lonesome walls of my tent. By stepping over the line and submitting to the cold rainy peaks of the Slovakian mountains, I’d be moving closer to discovering the divine truth that manifests when we sacrifice our expected comforts to learn a little more about what we are and what we’re made of, stripping back the layers of our conditioning. Even with this in mind, I found still myself in front of the line, basking in the delicious self-serving material bliss that comes along with companionship, bodily warmth, and the many other luxuries that the Ginger Monkey Hostel provides. I happily decided to serve myself and stay at the hostel a few more days than planned, and through my indecision of whether or not to leave my comfort zone, I realized that this fine line between comfort and confrontation is where the real teacher resides, where we get a human reference to gauge our lives and identify with our spiritual development.
As I pedaled into the High Tatras the next day, a belly full of bread, hugging the hilly roads in gorgeous weather, with a huge, gratified smile on my face, I witnessed the beauty that occurs when you step over the line of your comfort zone. When we put ourselves so outside our comfort zone, stripping every selfish, humane desire we have, as multitudes of enlightenment-seeking sages, saviors, monks and dogmatic devotees have done throughout time, we may be aggressively pursuing truth, but we do so with little or no human reference to enjoy the truth we find. Blind faith refers to just believing without understanding and letting the love in regardless of what you are conditioned to understand in your heart.
This can be an issue when it takes us outside of the point to which we have evolved as humans, and gives us no reference point to actually enjoy the divinity that we all are, and enjoy uncovering the magic that we are all apart of every second. It’s far more satisfying of an approach to connect with the divine while still staying grounded with human reference which is the condition of our self, our fear, doubt, joy, anticipation, excitement. The message we get from the universe may be broadcasted from the divine belly of eternal love and truth, but the excitement and elation we feel about our development towards a new reality is perceived by our selves, and is what makes the human condition so beautiful.
While the eventual goal is enlightenment or selflessness, the joy of the journey lies in self discovery along that path towards enlightenment. Our comfort zone is what makes us human, so bless the fact that you have infinite room to expand and test how limitless you are, all while experiencing endless opportunities to step back over the line into self satisfaction and bask in the new realizations of how magical the thing you call your life really is.

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6 thoughts on “Confronting Comfort: The Eternal Sacrifice

  1. What a gem! This is definitely my favorite post! The ideas are so well developed. While reading your post, I felt the same way as while reading “The Alchemist” in the car ride across the endless landscapes of the west. I can’t put my finger on exactly why. It’s a good feeling.

  2. Brandon,
    As always I love following you on your journey and reading your deep insights into life and your experience on the road. The idea that you can be communicating your escapades from across the oceans and provide an actual video of those adventures is technology as it’s best.

    Like I said to you before I too am riding a bike! The difference is that my bike is stationary and I am living in the Ginger Monkey! Ha. And so while the challenge of seeing my environment and life from a fresh perspective is difficult and something that I work on every day, I welcome it! While my bike is not literally moving up and down mountainous road, my experience is. The beauty and magic of those mountains triggers an experience inside of you in the same way that I experience right in my own backyard while hopefully engaged in a conversation about life’s many mysteries. While age and oceans may separate us, our experiences are similar. Where ever you go, there you are!

    And, never underestimate the power of rest!
    Take good care Brandon,

  3. Brandon My Wonderful Wanderer, We’re conditioned to look outside of ourselves for the external things to fill us up. Always with great disappointment when we’ve neglected working on ourselves. The true treasure is within all of us. The challenge is digging deep to reap the benefits. You my friend have learned early on how to do that, and will take that with you no matter where you are. Take comfort in the knowledge you’ve obtained in a short period of time. And insight that will serve you in any situation. Embrace life, respect who you are, and be grateful for all…And you life will give you comfort and bliss……with much respect and love always mommy

  4. I have been trying to find the right words to speak of the wisdom you have shared here but words are not sufficient.

    Thanks for sharing this ponderous piece. 🙂

    1. Judging from your comment and blog you’ve been doing some thinking huh Walter?! There’s such a clarity that comes with connecting with someone who has commited to digging as deep into themselve as you have, because we all have the same inherent knowledge tucked under the surface.

      Great to meet a fellow examiner and I hope you can keep learning from life and creating a life that’s real and what you actually want. Really happy to be in touch, and lets shoot eachother some thoughtout e-mails about where our heads’ are at in life!

      Peace man,


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